André’s Cleaning Pencils – Complete Set – Le Crayon à André


Relics and coins cleaning pencils. Set includes: 2 hard point “regular” pencils, 1 brush pencil, 1 brass scalpel.

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Product Description

This set of 4 pencils is a great addition to your cleaning toolbox.
Ideal on bronze coins such as Indian Head Pennies or 2-cent pieces, it is also versatile and will allow you to clean other metals such as copper.
We do recommend being very careful when cleaning coppers, as it is probably the most “sensitive” metal. You may use the hard point pencils to get rid of the crust but stop before reaching the coin. The brush pencil is great for finishing, monitoring your progress or cleaning a thin and/or soft layer of dirt, even on coppers.
The pencils should not be used on metals such as silver or gold.

    Directions and recommendations:

1. The two steel-wool tips work fine either on wet or dry soft dirt-covered coins. I tend to always go with dry cleaning though.
2. Use the pencils in tiny circular motions whenever possible.
3. The grit takes a bit of practice, but not much, in this case. After a few minutes with each tool, you’ll figure them out. The grit is quite fine but hard.
4. You can use either the tips or the sides as the case dictates.
5. Turn to the pencil tips for the detail work.
6. You may alternate between using the hard tips and the brush pencil. This last pencil will help you check on your progress and can be used to finish the process. (See last video)
7. The use of brass chisel is again, self-explanatory.
8. DO NOT get the ends of the brush pencil wet! It would harden.
9. The steel-wool brush is great with coppers/nickels that do have a little dirt to take off. Used gently, it can prove very efficient. I would not use the other pencils on coppers though.

Below are 3 videos that show you understand how to use the pencils:

Presentation of the pencils:

Demo on a French coin:

Cleaning of an Indian Head Penny, using the pencils and a 250x USB microscope:

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