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André's Pencils - "Le Crayon à André©"

Le Crayon à André© or André's pencil is now very famous in France and already adopted by many detectorists. Versatile and efficient, it is distributed by 30 stores and in 10 countries. The set of 4 different pencils allows to clean baked dirt, crust while preserving the patina. The brush pencil is great for finishing and may also be used on more sensitive metals such as coppers and nickels.

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Cleaning Silver

Almost a "classic" question for many metal detectorists and also a true debate. Many will prefer to leave silver "as is" and others will favor a thorough cleaning. It really comes down to personal choice and preference. If you wish to clean your silver finds, there are a few options that have proved to be very efficient as well as very affordable.

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We have all had that disappointment of finding a nice silver artifact that is all bent and twisted. Well, it may not be lost. Discover more about how you can actually unbend silver. It requires caution and patience... but it can be done ! Know that this process will eventually have you cleaning your find. Annealing will indeed tarnish and color silver and unless you clean it, it will stay this way.

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"Electrolysis is a technique that uses a direct electric current (DC) to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction." Yes, that's what Wikipedia says it is. In other words: metals such as iron, when found in salt water or mineralized ground, will be corroded and rusty. Once out of the ground, corrosion and decay will actually keep going. Electrolysis is meant to slow down or even stop this process. It will also enhance your finds and give them a better look. Can be used on most metals, although more commonly used on iron. It should not be used on nickels as it will change their color.

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Rock Tumbler

Sometimes used with gems, a rock tumbler can also be used as a coin tumbler. Tumbling is a technique for smoothing and polishing a rough surface. Realistically speaking, a tumbler should mostly - if not only - be used on clad coins. It is a mechanical cleaning process. You will need to either buy or build your own tumbling system as well as a specific mix that has to be added to the process. Results on clad coins are pretty satisfying.

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Chemical Cleaning - Additional Resources

With the pencils, you have a mechanical cleaning and you are able to monitor and check in real time - as you go - the progress of your cleaning. With mechanical cleaning, it is sometimes a little harder. Nevertheless, chemical cleaning can be very efficient if you know how to "read" a coin and if you have the patience of practicing quite a bit. Since it is chemical, we recommend caution as well.

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André offers a wide variety of products, tailored to your cleaning needs, and adapted to cleaning both coins and relics. They are specifically designed to preserve the patina. Below are the most popular products. Please, click on the Internet symbol to learn more.



The now famous set of 4 Andre's pencils. Versatile, it will be the perfect addition to your cleaning toolbox.



A little softer, this pencil is the alternative to the regular point pencils. It is well adapted to more "sensitive" cleaning jobs.



The refillable brush pencil can be purchased directly from Andre's website. (See link) Refills are also available.



The brush pencil is great to use when monitoring your progress. It is also the finishing pencil and last but not least, can be used on coppers if working on a light layer of soft dirt.

They like the pencils

Shout out to 2 very nice groups: Stealth Diggers and The Hoover Boys. Check their videos below, they both tried the pencils and were pretty much glad with the results! :)

The Hoover Boys

Stealth Diggers

And another video made by an Australian Store: Aussie Detectorist

Pencils work: here is the proof BEFORE: Beach destroyed this coin AFTER: Looking beautiful now

Nathan Matthews

Cumberland, Rhode Island
If anyone is on the fence about ordering the pencils. Get off the fence...They are awesome!!!!

Walt Degenstien

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cleaned up that 2 cent piece with Andre's pencils. I used no water or anything else, just the pencils. I think these pencils do a great job on Indians and 2 cent pieces. I also used them on early Lincolns if they happen to be a better date.

Don Mituzas

Brewster, New York

Members in the Facebook Group "Restoring Your Finds"


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